Writing for

Today I want to write about expectations. I have been noticing lately that people are expecting me to accept ridiculously low amounts of money for my writing. 

Now don’t get me wrong I love to write but I want to get paid for it. Fairly. And with the good faith of the employer. So many of these job posting bids are laughable. Edit a 100000 word novel is the job and the bid is $10 in 1 day. Really? My favorite job posting always has the words: need Native American. Really? My partner says I’m being pedantic and I should just assume that they want an American who can read and write in English. Ok then. 

I wanted to write this post today about an experience I had on 

Yesterday, I was asked to do a job, a writing gig, for $5. I said no, of course. $5 won’t even buy me a Venti Soy chai at Starbucks. In my continued  chats with this person I noticed that all he was doing was headhunting. He wasn’t interested in working with me nor did he care about my reasons for turning the assignment down. Fine. 

A couple of emails later he asked to see my work to see if I was qualified to do the assignment. I again said “No thank you” it is at this point that I get irritated. He wants to see my work after he has decided my value to him, not before. He offered me $5 to write 1000 words which, according to his job post, would be nonnegotiable. 

I did not negotiate. I just turned him down twice. Then,in his third attempt to push me around,he claims that he needs 10000 words done ASAP and he would pay me $50 after he receives the 10000 words, assuming that when he runs them through his Copyscape I was not plagarizing. Now, 10000 words is more than a tweet or a comment on Facebook. It is a short novella or a long short story. I can write one of these Amazon Kindle stories in 3 days and self-publish the same day. So, why would I accept this offer???

I don’t know. 


He is just of the crazy people who think anyone can write a Kindle single. For the freelancer, this is a scary time. So many people are offering fake jobs for your writing samples. Had I sent him my portfolio he could have used it to bid on other jobs using my writing. Or, he could have taken my 10000 words, said it didn’t pass Copyscape and not pay me. At the end of 3 days, best case scenario, I have $50. 

Just to be clear. I did not bid on his job posting. He just sent me a message.Now, I live in a city where minimum wage is $14.00 an hour. Gasp. Shock. I know, right? $50 is less than 4 hours of pay. Can I write 2800 words in a hour. Yes. Would there be mistakes. Yes. Would there be a plot. Probably not. And that is my problem. I can’t accept this job. 

So, I don’t.

Writers, be leery of low pay. I know everyone has to start somewhere but if you can write a 10000 word short story then publish it yourself. You have your first writing credit and no one is going to take the credit for your work. You might even make some money.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton